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Regular massage therapy treatments are just part of your path to good health. Adequate water intake, smart nutritional choices and moderate aerobic exercise are essential to feeling well and preventing dysfunction. Starting and ending your day with a stretching routine is recommended for those holding the same posture or performing repetitive actions thoughout the day. Whatever we do most often, our body tends to hold that position. Listed below are some of the most common stretches and strengthenings exercises that benefit whole body balance.


  • These exercises have been selected by Jarek to aid patients for home or gym restoration of muscular balance affecting most populations suffering from common conditions. They may or may not increase athletic performance or aid in weight loss. 

  • Exercises should be performed in a pain free range and tolerance. If you should feel weakness, pain, numbness, dizzy or unstable while following an exercise - immediately stop, take a break and have some water. Attempt again with lower intensity, less repetitions, or decreased load/resistance.

Upper Back


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