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  • Thick fibrous connective tissue spanning from the front and side of hip to just below the outer knee

  • Connects muscles of the hip to muscles below the knee

  • Allows hip muscles to aid in knee stabilization during motion.

  • Irritation can cause iliotibial band syndrome, sometimes called runner's knee

  • unlike muscle, the IT band cannot contract or stretch (significantly) to alter it's length

  • Treatment of the tensor fascia latae and gluteus maximus are recommended to release a tight IT band.

  • Extremely tight ITB's may result in pain accompanied with a 'snapping' sensation at the outer hip while walking.



  • If you are unable to wrap the bottom leg on the top to increase tension, you may want to ask a friend for assistance. 

  • Can be performed on the side of the bed or couch

  • Can be modified to have the top leg just hanging over and behind the bottom leg


  • Using a foam roller on the IT Band has little benefit for a tissue that cannot contract or be significantly stretched. 

  • Using exercise equipment such as a foam roller may be beneficial when applied to the correct structures.

  • Foam rollers can be purchased at local and online retailers, ranging in price from $20 - $100. Always read product reviews.

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